Board of Directors

   Board of Directors pictured above are: President Ashley Erwin, Vice President Peter Peca, Treasurer Susan Hjalmquist, Secretary Dayna Curlin, Pat Lama, Ralph Liguori, Jay Woods, Kay White, District 17 Board Representative Steve Nordberg


ACBL Unit #159 Board of Directors*

Ashley Erwin*



Peter Peca framed blankVice President
Peter Peca*



Susan HjalmquistTreasurer
Susan Hjalmquist*



Dayna Curlin*







ralph-liguori-framedRalph Liguori*




Recorder & Intermediate/Novice Coordinator
Jay Wooda*



 Kay WhiteMembership Chair/Electronic Contact
Kay White*



Steve NordbergDistrict 17 Board Representative
GNT Coordinator
Steve Nordberg



Committee Chairs

Rex Glimp

Disciplinary Chair (Conduct and Ethics)
Educational Liaison
Rex Glimp



Jack NeumannBridge Center Manager
Coordinator of Unit Games (NAOP, GNT, STaC Coordinator, Charity Chair)
Jack Neumann



TournameBarbara Crews framednt Co-Chairs & Hospitality Chair
Barbara Crews, Val Brown* (photo above)



Cindy Millazo framed 3Hospitality Co-Chairs
Cindy Milazzo, Kay White (photo above)



barbara Harrid framedSunshine
Barbara Harrid



jack neumann framed iiSupply Coordinators
Jack Neumann/Barbara Crews (photo above)



Gordon Bunge framedPublicity
Gordon Bunge



Florence Senkowski framedNominating Committee
Florence Senkowsky



Peggy Craig


BYLAWS of ACBL International City Unit #159


ACBL U 159 Minutes January 14, 2018 (Draft)

ACBL Unit 159 Minutes April 9, 2017

ACBL Unit 159 Minutes February 12, 2017 (Draft)

ACBL Unit 159 Minutes of January 8, 2017 (Final)

ACBL Unit #159 Minutes of December 11, 2016 (Final)




Letters from Unit #159 President

June 1, 2014

March 10, 2014

Unit 159 Minutes of May 25, 2014

Unit 159 Minutes of January 19, 2014